Expert Advisor (EA) Programming

Do you have your own sophisticated trading strategy? I could help you automate your trading by converting your idea into an Expert Advisor for the MT4 trading platform. A robotic trading system would be able to open and close positions based on your specific rules. Additionally, prior to using your custom Expert Advisor with real funds, you may test it with real data and make necessary  adjustments before going live.

Expert Advisor programs can recognize underlying trends and be instructed to open both long and short positions, just long, or just short positions based on trend. They also react much faster than a human when needed (such as times of heightened volatility), and make decisions based on rules rather than on emotions. Setting custom stop loss or take profit automatically enhances your ability to manage risk rather than go along with a bad trade.

Please contact me to learn more about MetaTrader 4 Expert Advisors and about pricing.

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